Monday, July 5, 2010

Intro to Ipad for Wannabe Users

For most people who have average interests in technology and advanced gadgets, the iPad is thought to be just an expensive toy made by Apple. By average, I mean those who have an everyday interest in technology. These are folks who are not waiting hours in line to buy the latest and greatest new technology. You know what I mean.

If they decide to visit Apple's website, they probably have been influenced to purchase the gadget as a result of media buzz and bullish marketing. Non-techies will not think about its pros and cons just yet; what they really want to know is, what exactly is an iPad and what does it do?

The iPad is a mobile computer; it is considered to be revolutionary because it is neither a laptop nor a personal digital assistant. It is unique in its own right most especially because of its tablet frame. It is slightly larger than a netbook by an inch and it does not have a keypad. Its multi-touch screen interface is the basic input method for this device; however, it can also be docked onto a keyboard accessory for fuss-free typing.

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