Monday, August 30, 2010

Advantages and disadvantages of the ipod itouch

The new ipod itouch has some great features with its huge memory and the capacity to play video. A wonderful bfeature is slim design and longer life battery. There are some disadvantages however, that need to be addressed.

The bigger screen is wonderful, but the touch surface can be eaity scratched. You may want to consider getting a plastic film to safeguard the surface.

Although the image is excellent and can be compared with a TV set’s screen quality, there are still some issues with freezing video images. Add to that the problems with light from sun and you've got some points of discussion.

The dimensions of the new ipod itouch video are great, but it is limited to the number of people whho can watch at the same time. The flat screen is large enough to enjoy your favorite videos, but you may need to limit the number of people watching it to one to three people.

Although the life battery is longer, the viewing time is linmited especaially if you watch video..The pros of the new ipod itouch video are the impressive number of features, including the great organization of the music menu. The cons of the new ipod itouch video are the absence of FM option,

The sound has a higher quality than that of the previous ipods. The other good features are the easy control. The video feature is just “great”.

Some critics point out the fact that the design and the features of the new ipod itouch video need to be seen from different perspectives. Therefore, the complaints and the satisfaction may be contradictory. These aspects may be seen from a movie lover or music fan's perspective. That is why you may find video fans and musician’s reviews the most positive. You will need to decide, if the new ipod itouch video is worth the money.

For me, I'll thake the ipod itouch. It is one of my favorite technology devices. Get your Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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